Are You Ready for Tip-Off Weekend?

Hi Everyone.

I know all of our talented teams are ready for tip-off weekend.  I’m just as confident that all of our coaches and volunteers are excited to get them playing.  Before we begin, here are just a few important updates for you:

About the Gyms:  If you are looking for directions to any of the gym locations, you’ll find a page specific to locations/directions on our website:  Hope it helps.  And when you are at our home gym, please remind those around you that we share the facility with the rest of the Parish.  Anything and everything we can do to keep it clean is appreciated.

About the Kids:  Exactly.  This program is about the kids.   Encourage everyone to respect one another, play hard and show good sportsmanship before, during and after the game.  The kudos you give all players in the gym will go a long way in making the overall CYO basketball experience enjoyable for everyone.

About Practice and Games:  Please remember when dropping off your child at practice (or games) to make sure you “hand-off” your player to your coach.  We don’t want any children unsupervised by parents or coaches at any of the locations.

About Crab Feed:  One of our largest CYO events is the Christ The King Crab Feed.  The date is secured, January 26, 2013.  We will send a specific note about that event, ticket sales, volunteer opportunities, etc., soon.  Please mark it on your calendar as it does sell out within a day or two.

That’s it for now.  Check the site for updates and as always, feel free to ask your coach, commissioner or me if you need anything.

All the best,

Christ the King CYO

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