And the Winners are …

The kids and families of Christ the King CYO!

While the season has come to an end, we wanted to thank each and every one of you for making the year so successful for the kids.  We have received more than 50 emails (which is nice) looking for a recap of the season. Let’s see if we can sum it up in a brief blog post, below:

Crab Feed: Without question this was our largest event in the last few years. with nearly 450 attendees (many of you new to our program). A special thanks to Vince Cirelli, the coaches and the many volunteers who made this such a successful event. All proceeds are re-invested right back into the program and facility for next year.

How did the teams do? Well, we don’t invest any time counting wins and losses. But we can report that while most of the parishes in the East Bay reported a drop in their participation, our program grew by 20 percent year over year.  We also know that 100 percent of our kids played their hearts out while showing great sportsmanship throughout the season.

Having said that, the good folks who run the West Diablo League and Diocese use Sportability to organize end-of year-tournaments. What we can tell you is this: more than 75 percent of our American boys team qualified for the West Diablo tournament, with two continuing to the Oakland Diocese Tournament.  Additionally, we couldn’t be any more proud of our girls program, which also grew this year.  The hard work from the players, many of them new to the sport, and our coaches was seen on the court each and every weekend, helping to send  60 percent of our teams to post-season tournaments.

Finally, a special shout out to the the 7th grade girls team who won the Oakland Diocese Tournament.  For those counting, that is back-to-back championships (way to go Lady Crusaders!).

Did you send me an evaluation?:  Yes we did.  But here it is again: .  Just hit boys/girls and then the evaluation tab on the left (should only take a few minutes). A special thank you to all of our coaches who deserve a huge round of applauds for investing their time with our young children.

What’s Next?  Plenty.  Next year you can look forward to a pre-season camp, our 3v3 basketball tournament (fourth – eighth grade), our CTK pre-season national team challenge, and our annual Turkey Shoot Out over Thanksgiving, and the Spirit of Christmas Classic.

Final Thank You!:  This program is built on the countless hours our coaches and volunteers invest in our kids.  Their positive influence is the biggest reason kids return to the program (many of whom took a year off returned to the CYO community, while others who focused on one sport, now play a little hoops too).  From the coaches, to the 7th & 8th grade scorekeepers, to the parents who help get the kids to practice on time, thank you.

So that is it. Best of luck to all of our eighth graders heading off to bigger courts (and fields) in high school.  For the rest of you, we will look forward to seeing you back on the court soon!

Best wishes,

Christ the King CYO Basketball

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