Update: Final Week for Registration

Happy to report that sign ups are going well for Christ the King CYO Basketball.  A couple of updates for you as we enter the last week of online registration.

  • Online registration is still open through next week.  You can reach the appropriate sign-up page by going right here.


  • New Uniforms and Apparel.  We are excited to share that this year’s third grade teams will  have the opportunity to wear a new look for Christ the King.  Please note that uniforms (and other apparel) will be available on each day of evaluations.  If your player(s) are in the older classes (4th-8th), you absolutely don’t have to purchase the brand new uniform.  We are actively looking for ways to use (and collect) extra uniforms from past years to fill the needs cost effectively.  Thanks to Vince Cirelli and Marta Senz for all their leadership and hard work.


  • In the past two weeks we have received a few emails from our new families about what to expect on evaluation days. Thanks to the solid leadership of Paolo Braganza, here you go:


  • Families check in
  • Families go through uniform order line (at least those who need to)
  • Players receive the evaluation form
  • Players  perform skills and volunteers record scores
  • Volunteers needed are two per station for total of 10 volunteers (we might need a few parents to help out here).
    ·         CHECK IN/OUT TABLE
    ·         DRIBBLING
    ·         AGILITY
    ·         SHOOTING (two SHOOTING stations will be set up because they take the most time)
  • There will be time set for scrimmage including 3v3 or 5v5, depending on the numbers and time. 
  • Families check out
  • Teams are formed

That’s it for now.  I’m sure we will have another update or two in the next week.  You can always reach your commissioners for more information. 

Enjoy the long weekend!

Christ the King CYO Basketball

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