3v3 Tournament

Updated October 1, 2013

For 3v3 tournament register right  here

The 3 v 3 Tournament at CTK will be held Friday, October 4 at the CTK gym.  (Note: we heard from many parents that they want their Saturday night back. We totally get it.  Thus we will keep the event on Friday night only).

Excitement is growing for this year’s event and we expect it to sell out. We are capping the tournament at 36 teams with games beginning at 5:00, and championship games starting at (or around) 8:30pm.

Every team will be placed in a round robin pool to play its first two games. From the results of these first two games, and with the additional information of grade and gender, all teams will be then placed in one of six double elimination brackets, so all teams will play against teams of like ability.

Teams could play as many as eight games or as little as four in this double elimination format. We expect championship games for each bracket to begin at 8:30pm.

We will be opening up the snack stand to quench your hunger and thirst, so bring a few extra dollars. Players will be allowed to warm up and practice on the outside courts (on Friday, but not Saturday due to Mass). We will open the parish hall as a social area, but we do ask all participants to keep it clean. Additionally, we ask that all PARTICIPATING PLAYERS remain on the campus and in one of these areas (THE GYM OR MSGR. WADE HALL) until they are picked up by a parent to participate in a game. Seating inside of the gym will be limited.

Parents are welcome to attend and watch, but be warned it will be loud and good viewing areas will be very limited.

Players must have a medical release on file with us to participate in the tournament. If you have turned your document in (as part of the registration process), you will not need to complete another.

Other details:

• Each team can have a maximum of four players (three on the court, one substitute)
• No coaching from the stands (but we will have court supervision)
• Music and fun provided
• All players get a t-shirt
• Cost per team: $80

Each game will be 12 minutes using ½ court using both indoor and outdoor courts at Christ the King. Standard high school basketball rules apply, with the exception of:

• no 3 in the key violation
• shooting fouls = one free throw
• no referees, a court supervisor for safety and to call blatant rule violations and settle disputes
• Each team consists of three players on the court, with an additional player who is a substitute. One player is designated as a captain. This person should be prepared to discuss all rules matters or concerns with the officials and opposing team’s captain.
• Scoring is different from regulation basketball. Regular field goals count as one point. Free throws also count as one point, although only one free throw is awarded for a regulation shot. In addition, if a basket is made and the shooter is fouled, there are no additional free throws awarded.
• Although there is no shot clock during normal play, if a team is suspected of “stalling” to run out the clock, court supervisors can impose a 20-second shot clock. For this reason, players should attempt to score at a regular interval.
• Games are played on a half court with a regulation 10-foot rim. There is a “check box” at the rear of the court from which a player must throw in the ball after the other team makes a basket. When the defending team regains possession of the ball, such as through a rebound or turnover, the ball must be “taken back,” meaning a player needs to take the ball beyond the two-point arc before that player’s team can attempt to score.
• There is also a “No Parking Zone” that is used during the course of games. This is an area in front of the basket from which an offensive player cannot stand and receive a ball from a teammate while being guarded by an opposing player. This is done to improve the flow of the game and stop players with larger, dominant “big men” from controlling the game. The first violation is a warning, while subsequent violations result in an automatic turnover

3 responses to “3v3 Tournament

  1. My son is Nathanael Flores and he would like to play with the team named “Crusaders”. Please confirm that he will be added to the team.

  2. I’m sorry, but the team is already registered and it’s asking me to pay $80. If the team is registered and paid the $80, how can add my son to the team?

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