Frequently Asked Questions

CYO basketball is available to children at what grades?

The CYO program at CTK consists of boys and girls teams beginning in third grade and are available through eighth grade.

Who are the coaches?

Christ the King CYO has a history built around community involvement.  Coaches are typically parents of players who are active in the parish community, live within the parish boundaries, have a true understanding of the game and teach good sportsmanship, accountability and Christian values.

Do coaches receive training?

Beginning in 2011-2012, all new coaches will be required to participate in coaches training.  The training will also be made available to all coaches in the CYO program.

How are teams divided?

The Oakland Diocese CYO has a long and passionate history of competitive play.  The program divides players into two flights of teams at each grade level, traditionally known American and National.  Both offer competitive play with an attempt to form evenly talented teams. From season to season, many National players become American players, and vice versa.

Who is eligible to play in the  CYO program?

Players participating in the CYO program must meet one three criteria: children from the Christ the King School; participants in CTK’s religious education program; or residing within the parish boundaries.

When are team evaluations?

Team evaluations are typically held in early September.  The purpose of the grade-level tryout is to evaluate each player’s ability in order to place him/her on a team closest to his/her ability level. This is done based upon current ability, without regard to prior participation on a team.

Does the player have to attend ALL evaluations?

Players must make every possible effort to attend the scheduled evaluation session.  Players who do not attend tryouts without notifying the appropriate grade-level commissioners, or the athletic director, may not be able to play CYO in the coming season. Those interested in playing the American division must participate in the full evaluation process to be considered for the team.

Who evaluates the players?

For grades three through six, an evaluation committee comprised of former coaches and members of the CYO program evaluate the players.  Members of this committee are not coaches of the age groups. For grades seven and eight, current and former coaches comprise the evaluation teams.

Who is my coach?

The head coach is usually a qualified parent who volunteers in the program.

How are coaches selected?

When the rare occasion occurs where there are more coaching volunteers than needed in a particular grade, the Athletic Director and Commissioners, in cooperation with the CYO Board of Directors, selects the coach.  For those interested in coaching in the program, and learning more about the CTK CYO coaching philosophy and process, please join the coaches meeting in advance of each season.

Who are the representatives on the CYO Board?

The Board is comprised of Fr. Paulson Mundanmani,  Sr. Maureen Viani, Alan Brezac, Bill Orr and Brian Dooley.

What if I have a problem with the coach selected?

The CYO program values all of our volunteer coaches and staff who make the season work smoothly.  All situations related to coaches and the children are handled in a specific, and case-by-case manner by the commissioners, athletic directors, and if necessary, the CYO Parish Board of Directors.

How are practice times decided?

Younger teams (grades three – five) will receive the earliest practice times, typically between 3:15 and 5:45. Sixth through eight grade teams will practice at the gym, usually between 6:15 and 8:30.

How are practice schedules determined?

Scheduling practice days and times is an unbelievably complex job. Our goal is to schedule one or two – one hour practices a week.  On occasion, some teams are scheduled at different gyms.

How much does CYO cost?

The cost of participating in CYO basketball is $215 for children who attend CTK school or are enrolled in CTK Religious Education.  If the child lives within the CTK parish boundaries, the cost is $245.  Siblings of each child receive a $50 discount.

How much is a uniform?

The cost of the classic CTK CYO Crusader uniform is determined by the manufacturer of the apparel (this year the cost is $40 for tops and $40 for shorts).  Sweatshirts and t-shirts are also available, but not required to participate in the program.   We are asking “retiring” or “growing” players to donate their good uniforms to the uniform committee for possible distribution in the program.  For more information, please contact Allen Brezac.

What are the steps to get a refund?

The Christ the King CYO leadership works very hard to ensure all our children have an opportunity to play basketball.  Thus, CYO program refunds, less a $25 processing fee, will not be available after October 1 of the current season.

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